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for this suggested size: Length: 30’3″ (9.

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The wedge is driven through with a hammer to secure in place.

Jan 17, 2022 · There are various sizes of scaffolding board available to work with the size of standard scaffolding.

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Layher scaffolding systems are suitable for an unbeatable variety of uses – primarily on construction sites but also in industry and at events.

. The use of high-tensile steel allows reduced wall. Access Scaffolding & Stairway Towers.

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Quality from Layher means state-of-the-art.

Circular scaffolds. 09 m heavy duty Allround tower can support loads of close to 700kN (see example on pages 11-12) or even higher.

Welding Quality of the Standards is Conform to EN 1090 and ISO 3834 CE Requirement. If you feel more comfortable with a greater overhang, the 9ft boards will be a better choice for you with 7ft spans.

Together with our Layher Scaffolding System, we also have available the full range of Layher Site Stairs, using standard Layher equipment with the addition of Aluminium 0.
Permissible live load: 2 kN/m² (scaffolding group 3).
In a scaffolding with 2 meter floors (floors on every 4th rosette with a rosette distance of 50 cm) this means that many workers cannot walk upright through the scaffolding.


Simply enter the dimensions and the scaffolding parts you have available, and LayPLAN Classic instantly provides you with a.

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Toe boards are manufactured in steel, aluminium and timber. 13 m. . The use of Layher Limited’s scaffolding,. for this suggested size: Length: 30’3″ (9.


Working height: 6. .

The SoloTower from Layher is a small rolling tower that can be assembled quickly, safely and easily by a single person, up to a working height of 6.

Mobile towers.